HRF Bounty #11: Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet with BIP47 Payment Codes

“HRF added a new bounty to its challenge: 1 BTC each to the first 2 popular self-custodial, open-source iOS or Android wallets that add send and receive support for BIP47 payment codes.””The purpose of this bounty is to expand the privacy options available to Bitcoin users,” Alex Gladstein said.”If a wallet already has this functionality as of July 28, 2023, it is not eligible for this bounty.””If a wallet has only send *or* receive functionality as of July 28, 2023, that team can claim a 0.5 BTC bounty for adding the other half of the functionality,” he added.

The current list of open HRF Bitcoin bounties include:

Open-Sourcing the Design GuideServerless PayjoinEnd-to-End Encrypted Nostr Group ChatsSilent paymentsHuman Readable Bolt 12 OffersSelf-custodial Mobile Lightning AddressMobile Border WalletsEasy Mobile MultisigFrost Multisig Wallet4 Cashu Bounties (0.5 BTC each)BIP47 ExpansionLearn more about HRF bounties challenge at

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