How Hodl Hodl Used BTCPay to Onboard 20 Merchants & Facilitate 1.1 BTC at Bitcoin Conference – Case Study

“By addressing the volatility concerns, simplifying the transaction process, and ensuring attendees had the necessary resources to make bitcoin transactions, a system was created that replicated the familiarity of fiat currency transactions while leveraging the benefits of bitcoin.””The collaborative effort of Hodl Hodl, BTCPay Server and several other projects culminated in an enriching experience for both merchants and customers, manifesting in 2944 transactions averaging 9.20€ per transaction, aggregating to a value greater than 1.1 BTC or 27,079.99€.”

In a survey conducted on merchants after the conference:

“83.3% of participants said that they would be willing to accept bitcoin at next year s conference.””80% said accepting bitcoin had a positive reaction from their customers.””50% merchants replied they would be open to offering bitcoin as a payment option in their business in the future.””The success story from the Baltic HoneyBadger conference could serve as a blueprint for similar events and potentially for a broader array of retail businesses looking to integrate bitcoin into their operations seamlessly.”

Full Report

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