Hodl Hodl Design Improvements: New Contract Flow & More

Buying Bitcoin with a new contract flow is fast & smooth.”

Buying #Bitcoin with a new contract flow is fast & smooth 🤩⚡️ pic.twitter.com/YsvNKzSXM7

— Hodl Hodl (@hodlhodl) November 28, 2023

“This is a beta release of the new flow, please be patient, if you experience any difficulties, please report to support@hodlhodl.com.””This isn’t the final version of the contract flow, rating system, improved notifications, and more features will be added in the upcoming weeks!”The company also said that its much anticipated Lightning integration is coming in Q1-Q2 2024.

What’s new

New contract flow.Improved chat messaging.Easy page navigation.More informative contact stages.Easier trading experience.

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