Highlighter v2.0: DVM Support, Recurring Subscriptions, Zap Splits & More

“The goal remains the same: a nostr client for your most valuable information. Your reading. Your notes. Your thoughts. A place to discover thoughtful, timeless content.””There’s a LOT more to this release that I will be discussing in the next few days.”

What’s new

Data-vending-machine support: you can now very easily highlight podcasts and video content in a text-native way.

Recurring subscriptions: You can now create RECURRING subscriptions to support your favorite creators and shitposters. I will say a lot more about this and a follow up with a NIP to standardize and help other builders disrupt Patreon and bring creators of all kinds to Nostr easier and more compelling.

Zap-splits: Zapping a highlight creates a split on everybody involved in you seeing that content.Curation: You can now create curations of articles and earn zap splits for your curation efforts.

NIP-32 Labels: categorize highlights and “margin notes” with any category.Full text support: Find what interests you across any topic in any type of event in nostr.

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