GrapheneOS v2023100800: Android 14 Release

“Our initial public experimental release (2023100600) was published on October 6th so there have already been a couple days of public testing.””All of our documented features are now ported to Android 14. We’ll be continuing to work on fixing regressions including new Android bugs and new compatibility issues caused by our features. However, it’s already stable and usable.””This release provides the full 2023-10-06 patch level for all supported devices along with the recommended security patches only included in Android 14.””Android 13 is no longer actively developed upstream and now only receives backports of the Android Security Bulletin patches, not the recommended patches included in the latest stable release of Android.””Android 14 has had publicly available experimental releases since February 2023 and is already a mature OS. It also contains significant privacy and security enhancements which more than offset the attack surface from added features. These reasons are why we have so heavily prioritized porting to Android 14 and began to defer more and more of our other work until after Android 14 since around July 2023.”

Full Changelog

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