GrapheneOS v2023010400: January Security Patch

What’s new

full 2024-01-01 security patch levelfull 2024-01-05 security patch levelrebased onto UQ1A.240105.004 Android Open Source Project releaseSandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: stop hiding Android Auto from the Play Store since it breaks Play Store dependent functionalitySandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: mark Android Auto as owned by our app repository client to stop the Play Store from updating itSandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: add Network permission to baseline permissions needed for wireless Android AutoSandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: add list of requirements for Android Auto voice commandsSandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: add back dedicated name for Sandboxed Google Play crash notification channelSandboxed Google Play compatibility layer: skip Android Auto crash reports when it lacks baseline permissions and show a dedicated notification about the problem insteadKeyboard: add workaround for multi-locale spell checking and remove our attempt at implementing it properly in the keyboard itself for nowAppCompatConfig: update to version 3Vanadium: update to version 120.0.6099.193.0adevtool: remove unused permission configuration

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