Gossip v0.8.0: Zaps, DMs, New Relay UX & More

What’s new

Big Changes

Lightning Zaps have been implementedDirect Messages have been implementedPetname support (including in ContactList events) has been implementedRelay pages and UX have been completely redoneStorage engine changed from SQLite to LMDBFixed numerous caching related bugs (stale data, invalidation issues)Events that seemed to go missing are no longer missingHTTP fetching reworkVerifies older cached files haven’t changed, else it downloads the changed file (etag)Handles many kinds of error conditions more sanelyNot overloading HTTP servers by limiting the number of parallel fetches

Medium Changes

Status messages are in a queue, allowing you to see the last 3Metadata re-fetched periodicallyEvents that augment others are loaded only when the event they augment is in viewSettings rework with many more settingsCommand mode: pass a command as a parameter to run commands. Try ‘help’ to get started.

Minor Changes worth mentioning

Performance analyses inspired multiple changes for better performance.Note rendering more dynamic (some changes were previously not immediately visible)Improvements with links to other nostr objects:Fixes around proper renderingSupport for nrelay1, naddr1, ‘a’ tagsAutomatically fetching the referenced objectsThread searching now includes author’s relaysBetter shutdown sequence, more likely to shutdown fairly quickly nowStatus info in left panel (optional)Better relay rankingKeyboard scrolling (PgUp, PgDn)Spam filtering with Rhai script file (optional)

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