Geyser Integrates Zaps, Launches Grant For Bitcoin Educational Communities

“BREAKING! We integrated Zaps!”Users can now zap Geyser projects on Nostr from any Nostr client that support zaps and get recognized in the project’s leaderboard.”The funding amount will be verified by our node (so Zaps can’t be faked!).”

Last week, Geyser also launched its fifth Bitcoin grant, aimed at supporting educational initiatives and community-based Bitcoin initiatives worldwide.

“The grant seeks to amplify the efforts of Bitcoin communities that are emerging across the globe, offering knowledge, education and tools to promote participation in the Bitcoin movement,” reported Bitcoin Magazine.”These are the people that would most benefit from bitcoin, which can act as a shield. These are also those that are least aware of bitcoin,” said Mick Morucci, CEO of Geyser.”To fund the grant, Geyser has raised 1 BTC, thanks to generous donors and a partnership with Blink.””Applications for the grant are currently open and will be accepted until mid-August.”

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