Fulcrum v1.9.6: Minor Protocol Upgrade

“This is a minor protocol upgrade release of Fulcrum. 4 new protocol methods were added (not yet used by any major wallet, but they will be hopefully someday!).””Additionally, some minor internal improvements were made, and the Windows binary now also prints in color if outputting to the console.”

What’s changed

Protocol version was updated to new protocol methods were added. For more information please see the Electrum Cash Protocol Documentation.Added a new optional conf file parameter daemon_passthrough_subnets.This was added to affect the operation of the new (disabled by default) RPC method daemon.passthrough.See the example config for more information.Changed the way –fast-sync is enforced. Fixes issue #208.Made sure the arm64 static build uses Ubuntu 20 as the base docker image for extra compatibility. Issue #209.Made the Windows build output color to the console. Commit 40a27ed.Miscellaneous internal fixups and cleanup.Fixed some GCC 13 compiler warnings. Commit 40a27ed.The testing code for –bench mempool now can download real coins from a bitcoind daemon (optionally) to go along with the mempool.dat file it ingests. Commit 74338ba.

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