Fulcrum v1.9.3: Improved SynchMempoolTask Performance

“This is a maintenance release of Fulcrum. In this release, the performance of mempool synching from bitcoind has been drastically improved.”

What’s new

Performance: Improved the performance of the SynchMempoolTask by over 3x. Synching mempool has never been faster! This is particularly important when Fulcrum first starts up against a daemon that has chronically full mempools (such as on BTC).

Miscellaneous internal code fixes:

Compile-time cleanups to remove Qt 6.6.0 deprecated warnings.We no longer compile the Fulcrum release with -fomit-frame-pointer since this optimization is pointless on 64-bit non-register-impaired architectures and what’s more, it may lead to compiler bugs.Other small nits.

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