Fulcrum v1.9.2: Maintenance Release

“This is a bugfix maintenance release of Fulcrum. It fixes a few compile bugs as well as potential BTC-related issues, and adds some optional parameters to the blockchain.*.get_history family of calls.””We updated the code to the mempool.get_fee_histogram call to replicate more closely what ElectrumX would return (issue #197).””We also added better compatibility with Bitcoin Core v25.0.0 for the sendrawtransaction API call to bitcoind core.””All BTC users of Fulcrum are strongly urged to update to this version at their earliest convenience.”

What’s Changed

Fixed some build-related issues, such as rocksdb 8 source compatibility.Some code refactoring and cleanupImplemented “paging” for the blockchain.*.get_history call(s) (issue #180). This involves two extra optional parameters, from_height and to_height to the call(s). See: https://electrum-cash-protocol.readthedocs.io/en/latest/protocol-methods.html#blockchain.scripthash.get_history.Only Fulcrum servers declaring protocol version 1.5.1 or above support this facility as of now.Improved compatibility with bitcoin core 25.0.0 to behave exactly like previous versions when sending txns (that is, allow it to “burn” onto OP_RETURNs). (#181)Fix to the mempool.get_fee_histogram RPC to more closely model what ElectrumX would return. Hopefully this fixes some issues seen on BTC. (#197)

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