Former National Security Council Chief of Cybersecurity on Censoring Bitcoin

At a small Princeton event last week, among other panels and speeches, Carole House, former director of cybersecurity for the White House National Security Council, spoke about censoring Bitcoin.

Main points (per Lyn Alden):

“Energy-related regulation may push some hash rate outside of the U.S., whereas she would rather see more of it in the U.S. so that they can force miners to censor the network on the base layer.””She also views international cooperation as a necessary component for successful censorship. She also wants stakers to be forced to censor their PoS networks.””It’s not just about telling miners not to mine certain transactions, but to not even build atop blocks that have non-compliant transactions, so that those transactions don’t get anywhere in the chain. A 51% attack, in other words. Her main concern is censoring states like North Korea from being able to participate in the network.”

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