Floresta v0.5.0 Released

“This is the first release after the crate reorg, which. For now on, the GitHub releases will reflect florestad, and every subcrate has its version.”

What’s Changed

Break this project into a workspace by @Davidson-Souza in #58Create LICENSE by @Davidson-Souza in #60Use env var to pass xpubs by @Davidson-Souza in #61Parallel sync 1/n: Refactor: Move stateless code to a new module by @Davidson-Souza in #62Rate limit peers by @Davidson-Souza in #66Parallel sync 2/n: Partial chainstate by @Davidson-Souza in #63Readme.md typo by @bitkarrot in #68Send addresses by @Davidson-Souza in #67Improve assumeutreexo by @Davidson-Souza in #70Improve support to wasm by @Davidson-Souza in #71Feature/refactor manifests by @Davidson-Souza in #72Fix: return leaf_hashes by @Davidson-Souza in #73Docs improvements by @Davidson-Souza in #74

Full Changelog: v0.4.0…v0.5.0

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