Federal Reserve Threatens to Sue Bitcoin Magazine Over FEDNOW Parody Merch

“In a letter sent to the publication by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the central bank of the United States is claiming that Bitcoin Magazine merchandise that parodies its services are not protected speech, but rather an unauthorized infringement of its image and trademarks.””The dispute centers around the use of the FedNow Service image and trademark in a line of merchandise sold by Bitcoin Magazine that seeks to criticize the surveillance capabilities of the FedNow system, and how it threatens American civil liberties.””The Federal Reserve alleges that Bitcoin Magazine used the trademark without permission to mislead readers into believing a connection exists between the publication and the central bank.”In response to the allegations, Bitcoin Magazine has penned an open letter to the Federal Reserve Financial Services’s Deputy General Counsel, Thaddeus Murphy, which can be found here, as well as an official legal response.

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