F2Pool Is Likely Filtering OFAC-Sanctioned Transactions – Report

“The RSS feed of my miningpool-observer project recently reported six OFAC-sanctioned transactions as missing from blocks,” 0xB10C said on stacker.news.”One of them didn’t propagate to the pool yet, another was displaced by other transactions, however, the other four transactions were likely filtered by F2Pool.””Since we’ve only seen transactions spending from the single OFAC-sanctioned address 3PKiHs4GY4rFg8dpppNVPXGPqMX6K2cBML missing, we can’t tell if F2Pool is filtering this single address or all OFAC- sanctioned addresses,” was stated in a blog post.”This is the first time I see a pool filtering OFAC-sanctioned transactions. It isn’t clear to me why a pool from Asia would be the first pool to comply with US sanctions,” added the developer.

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