Exit.pub v0.3.0: Reliability Improvements, Satellite CDN Support, Service Relay & More

“EXIT.pub 0.3 is out,” announced @pablof7z.

What’s new

Reliability Improvements. “This version is a significant improvement on reliability. When publishing events fails, or a relay stops accepting your events, EXIT.pub will gracefully handle this and will allow you to resume the publishing where it left off.”Satellite CDN support. “Now you can opt to buy storage on @Stuart Bowman ‘s CDN to store all your images, instead of leaving them hosted on Twitter’s servers.”EXIT.pub relay. “Until now, many relays were rejecting backdated events; if none of your relays accepted any event, EXIT.pub would not give you any feedback (if you clicked “publish events” and nothing happened, this is what was happening). I have properly handled this now so you know what’s happening, as well as added an wss://relay.exit.pub relay that will allow these imports; if EXIT.pub sees that your relays are all rejecting your imports, it will suggest you use this relay.”Published relay breakdown. “EXIT.pub will now show you exactly which relays have accepted each event.”Reimporting events. “If a previous run of EXIT.pub failed midway and you have *some* events imported, you can reimport those tweets, your events will *not* be duplicated, even if you imported previously without Satellite CDN and now you use Satellite CDN, the previous event with the Twitter-hosted images will be deleted.”

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