EXIT: Port Your X Data into Nostr

“You broke up with your ex; it wasn’t treating you well, maybe it was shadow banning you or your friends; it was manipulating you into becoming your worst possible self.””But over the years you accrued a bunch of quality shitposts, and perhaps some nuggets of wisdom.””Introducing: https://exit.pub. The last bridge you’ll need to port over your data into the new world of decentralized freedom-tech,” announced PABLOF7z.

How to use

Download your twitter archive.If Elon agrees, you’ll get a zip file; uncompress it and just use exit.pub to import your data into nostr.


Original dates are used; whatever you posted in 2009 will show up as posted in nostr in 2009.Granular control of which tweets to import (threads, non-replies, replies).V4V, you choose how much your shitposts are worth.It *should* preserve embedded images.Granular control of which relays you want to publish to.

Announcement / Archive

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