Envoy Wallet v1.1.3: Standalone Wallet Functionality, Magic Backups

“We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking release of Envoy, our mobile companion app for Passport. This new update transforms Envoy into a standalone Bitcoin mobile wallet with powerful account management and privacy features.””Not a Passport owner? This update introduces full Bitcoin wallet functionality on your iOS or Android phone. Use Envoy to store and spend your Bitcoin with strong security, privacy via Tor, and a streamlined setup experience.””As a reminder, this is a hot wallet for spending on the go, not storing your life savings! For more security, we’ve engineered Passport from the ground up to be hyper-secure, airgapped, yet still easy to use and perfectly compatible with Envoy.””Envoy introduces a new seed-less onboarding experience called Magic Backups.””While Envoy users can of course manually handle seed words if desired, we aimed to engineer a solution that enables 60-second onboarding and automatic encrypted backups of Envoy’s private key and application data (such as settings and labels), with a full restore taking just two taps.””Additionally, we wanted to ensure that Envoy does this without collecting any user data – no email address, no passwords, no IP address (with Tor is enabled) – no friction!”

Other changes

“Biometric/PIN authentication. Now you can protect your mobile wallet or Passport balances from prying eyes.””Ability to swipe on accounts to hide balances while you’re on the go. For example, you can display your mobile wallet balance but hide your hardware wallet balance.”Envoy is available on iOS, Android (Play Store, F-Droid, GitHub)

“As you use Envoy as a mobile wallet, we’d love to hear from you – every issue, bug, or favorite feature! There are three main places you can go to give us feedback or get help with Envoy: Foundation Community Telegram channel, hello@foundationdevices.com, Direct message @FOUNDATIONdvcs on Twitter.

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