Elements Academy: Instructional Videos for Learning Liquid and Elements

“Introducing Elements Academy, a new instructional video series to help you learn Liquid and the open-source Elements platform it’s built on,” announced Liquid Network on X.”Elements Academy will be available on two platforms: Build On L2 (BOL2) and YouTube.””We recommend using the BOL2 version as it offers text-based learning, a progress tracker, and quizzes embedded in each section for greater convenience. However, to use the BOL2 version, you will need to create a username, which can be a pseudonym if you prefer. If you opt for the YouTube version, you can still access the quizzes by checking the description box.””At launch, Elements Academy comprises ten sections with a total of 30 lessons. Each section includes learning through text and a video that ends in a short quiz so you can quickly test your knowledge.””We plan to expand upon this initial release of Elements Academy by adding new tutorials and content. Additionally, we will continue to build out the developer portal and documentation site and share new toolkits, SDKs, and libraries from the community, which will be a valuable resource for new developers looking to work with Liquid.””For any feedback and to let us know what developer tools or tutorials we should add or can improve on, please reach out to us on BOL2, X at Chase or James, or drop a message in the Liquid Developer Telegram chat.”

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