Damus v1.6 App Store Release: Longform Note Support & More

What’s new

Custom built, embedded C WASM interpreter (nostrscript), which will be used for custom algos, filters and listsLongform note supportHashtag followingConfigurable reactionsNew Live user status NIP (music, general)Adjustable font sizesA very long list of bug fixes and performance improvementsFast and persistent profile searching using nostrdb

What’s coming in v1.7

ListsCustom algos and filters using nostrscriptStoriesMulti accountTor integrationBetter NWC integration (wallet balances, transaction history)Advanced note search via nostrdbFully switch to nostrdb for all notesDiscord-like relays (click a relay to view all the notes on it)

Damus v1.6-25 TestFlight updates

Latest Damus TestFlight updates include:

1.6-25 – 2023-10-31


Tap to dismiss keyboard on user status view (ericholguin)Add setting that allows users to optionally disable the new profile action sheet feature (Daniel D’Aquino)Add follow button to profile action sheet (Daniel D’Aquino)Added reaction counters to nostrdb (William Casarin)Record when profile is last fetched in nostrdb (William Casarin)


Automatically load extra regional Japanese relays during account creation if user’s region is set to Japan. (Daniel D’Aquino)Updated customize zap view (ericholguin)Users are now notified when you quote repost them (William Casarin)Save bandwidth by only fetching new profiles after a certain amount of time (William Casarin)Zap button on profile action sheet now zaps with a single click, while a long press brings custom zap view (Daniel D’Aquino)


Use white font color in qrcode view (ericholguin)Fixed an issue where zapping would silently fail on default settings if the user does not have a lightning wallet preinstalled on their device. (Daniel D’Aquino)

1.6-24 – 2023-10-22 – AppStore Rejection Cope


Improve discoverability of profile zaps with zappability badges and profile action sheets (Daniel D’Aquino)Add suggested hashtags to universe view (Daniel D’Aquino)Suggest first post during onboarding (Daniel D’Aquino)Add expiry date for images in cache to be auto-deleted after a preset time to save space on storage (Daniel D’Aquino)Add QR scan nsec logins. (Jericho Hasselbush)


Improved status view design (ericholguin)Improve clear cache functionality (Daniel D’Aquino)


Reduce size of event menu hitbox (William Casarin)Do not show DMs from muted users (Daniel D’Aquino)Add more spacing between display name and username, and prefix username with @ character (Daniel D’Aquino)Broadcast quoted notes when posting a note with quotes (Daniel D’Aquino)

1.6-23 – 2023-10-06 – Appstore Release


Added merch store button to sidebar menu (Daniel D’Aquino)


Damus icon now opens sidebar (Daniel D’Aquino)


Stop tab buttons from causing the root view to scroll to the top unless user is coming from another tab or already at the root view (Daniel D’Aquino)Fix profiles not updating (William Casarin)Fix issue where relays with trailing slashes cannot be removed (#1531) (Daniel D’Aquino)

1.6-20 – 2023-10-04


Improve UX around clearing cache (Daniel D’Aquino)Show muted thread replies at the bottom of the thread view (#1522) (Daniel D’Aquino)


Fix situations where the note composer cursor gets stuck in one place after tagging a user (Daniel D’Aquino)Fix some note composer issues, such as when copying/pasting larger text, and make the post composer more robust. (Daniel D’Aquino)Apply filters to hashtag search timeline view (Daniel D’Aquino)Hide quoted or reposted notes from people whom the user has muted. (#1216) (Daniel D’Aquino)Fix profile not updating (William Casarin)Fix small graphical toolbar bug when scrolling profiles (Daniel D’Aquino)Fix localization issues and export strings for translation (Terry Yiu)

Full Damus changelog can be found here.

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