Damus v1.6.18 (TestFlight): NostrDB Profiles

“I just pushed Damus build 18 which is the first major nostrdb integration. Now all damus profiles are stored in nostrdb! You will always be able to search profiles from people you’ve seen in the past.””There are many crash fixes in this build as well, check out the full changelog.”Learn more about nostrdb in this nostrdb deepdive.

What’s new


Add followed hashtags to your following list (Daniel D’Aquino)Add “Do not show #nsfw tagged posts” setting (Daniel D’Aquino)Hold tap to preview status URL (Jericho Hasselbush)Finnish translations (etrikaj)


Switch to nostrdb for @’s and user search (William Casarin)Use nostrdb for profiles (William Casarin)Updated relay view (ericholguin)Increase size of the hitbox on note ellipsis button (Daniel D’Aquino)Make carousel tab dots tappable (Bryan Montz)Move the “Follow you” badge into the profile header (Grimless)


Fix text composer wrapping issue when mentioning npub (Daniel D’Aquino)Make blurred videos viewable by allowing blur to disappear once tapped (Daniel D’Aquino)Fix parsing issue with NIP-47 compliant NWC urls without double-slashes (Daniel D’Aquino)Fix padding of username next to pfp on some views (William Casarin)Fixes issue where username with multiple emojis would place cursor in strange position. (Jericho Hasselbush)Fixed audio in video playing twice (Bryan Montz)Fix crash when long pressing custom reactions (William Casarin)Fix random crash due to old profile database (William Casarin)

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