Damus v1.4.3: App Store Release

This release includes improved performance and post loading, thread muting, onlyzaps mode, friends filter, profile qr codes fixed many bugs, new custom zaps view, and more.

What’s new

Add #zaps and #onlyzaps to custom hashtags (William Casarin)Add OnlyZaps mode: disable reactions, only zaps! (William Casarin)Add QR Code in profiles (ericholguin)Add confirmation alert when clearing all bookmarks (Swift)Add deep links for local notifications (Swift)Add friends filter to DMs (William Casarin)Add image metadata to image uploads (William Casarin)Add nokyctranslate translation option (symbsrcool)Add partial support for different repost variants (William Casarin)Add paste button to login (Suhail Saqan)Add q tag to quoted renotes (William Casarin)Add setting to hide reactions (Terry Yiu)Add thread muting (Terry Yiu)Add unmute option in profile view (Joshua Jiang)Add webp image support (William Casarin)Added event preloading when scrolling (William Casarin)Colorize friend icons (William Casarin)Friends filter for notifications (William Casarin)Preload images so they don’t pop in (William Casarin)Preload profile pictures while scrolling (William Casarin)Preview media uploads when posting (Swift)Save keys when logging in and when creating new keypair (Bryan Montz)Show blurhash placeholders from image metadata (William Casarin)Top-level tab state restoration (Bryan Montz)You can now change the default zap type (William Casarin)New iconography (Roberto Agreda)


Add number formatting for sats entry and use selected zaps amount from picker as placeholder (Terry Yiu)Adjust attachment images placement when posting (Swift)Always check signatures of profile events (William Casarin)Ask permission before uploading media (Swift)Cached various UI elements so its not as laggy (William Casarin)Change 500 custom zap to 420 (William Casarin)Changed look of Repost and Quote buttons (ericholguin)Enable like button on OnlyZaps profiles for people who don’t have OnlyZaps mode on (William Casarin)Load zaps instantly on events (William Casarin)New looks to the custom zaps view (ericholguin)Only show friends, not friend-of-friend in friend filter (William Casarin)Preload events when they are queued (William Casarin)Search hashtags automatically (William Casarin)Show DM message in local notification (William Casarin)replace Vault dependency with @KeychainStorage property wrapper (Bryan Montz)


Dismiss bookmarks view when switching tabs (William Casarin)Do not allow non-numeric characters for sats amount and fix numeric entry for other number systems for all locales (Terry Yiu)Do not translate own notes if logged in with private key (Terry Yiu)Don’t process blurhash if we already have image cached (William Casarin)Fix “translated from english” bugs (William Casarin)Fix Copy Link action does not dismiss ShareAction view (Bryan Montz)Fix auto-translations bug where languages in preferred language still gets translated (Terry Yiu)Fix bug where you could only mention users at the end of a post (Swift)Fix bug with reaction notifications referencing the wrong event (Terry Yiu)Fix buggy zap amounts and wallet selector settings (William Casarin)Fix camera not dismissing (Swift)Fix crash when loading DMs in the background (William Casarin)Fix crash when you have invalid relays in your relay list (William Casarin)Fix crash with LibreTranslate server setting selection and remove delisted vern server (Terry Yiu)Fix having to set onlyzaps mode every time on restart (William Casarin)Fix invalid DM author notifications (William Casarin)Fix issue where uploaded images were from someone else (Swift)Fix npub search fails on the first try (Bryan Montz)Fix parse mention without space in content (Joshua Jiang)Fix posts with no uploadedURLs always get two blank spaces at the end (Bryan Montz)Fix relay signal indicator, properly show how many relays you are connected to (William Casarin)Fix shuffling when choosing users to reply to (Joshua Jiang)Fix slow reconnection issues (Bryan Montz)Fix tap area when mentioning users (OlegAba)Fix thread incompatibility for clients that add more than one reply tag (William Casarin)Fix user notifications from old events immediately shown on install and login (Bryan Montz)Fix weird #[0] artifacts appearing in posts (William Casarin)Fix wrong relative times on events (William Casarin)Fixed blurhash appearing behind loaded images when swiping on carousel (William Casarin)Fixed glitchy preview (William Casarin)Fixed preview elements popping in (William Casarin)Fixed repost turning green too early and not reposting sometimes (Swift)Home now dismisses reactions view (William Casarin)Load missing profiles from boosts on home view (Gísli Kristjánsson)Load missing profiles from boosts on profile view (Gísli Kristjánsson)Load profiles in hashtag searched (William Casarin)Made DMs less poppy (William Casarin)Preserve order of bookmarks when saving (William Casarin)Properly scroll DM view when keyboard is open (William Casarin)Saved Jack’s soul. (Ben Weeks)Zap type selection on smaller phones (ericholguin)

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