Current App v0.1.2: UI Improvements & More

“We’re thrilled to unveil Version 0.1.2 of Current App, designed especially for our dedicated users.””Highlights include a revamped settings menu, enhanced post interaction with haptic feedback, a slew of bug fixes, an updated ‘New Post’ button location, a refreshed home feed design, and improvements in the importing process.”

What’s new

A Reimagined Settings Experience: Experience our settings in a whole new light with a revamped interface and a super-intuitive menu layout.””Elevated Post Interaction: The ‘more’ button has transformed! Engage with your favorite posts with improved like and repost buttons. Plus, the haptic feedback is sure to give your interactions a real-feel touch.””Bugs, Be Gone!: No more irksome glitches while commenting or following. We’ve fine-tuned those issues, ensuring a smoother experience.”“Post with Flair: Our ‘New Post’ button has a trendy new spot in the feed. And when the muse strikes, an improved posting screen is ready for your creativity. Tagging friends for shoutouts? Simpler than ever!””A Refreshed Home Feed Design: We’ve subtly tweaked the buttons next to posts because, as we always believe, it’s the small changes that often make the biggest impact.””Smooth Importing Process: Importing followers and relay lists is now hiccup-free. Thank you for pointing it out, and yes, we listened!”

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