Core Lightning v23.08rc1 Comes with Experimental Anchors, Splicing and Renepay

“Core Lightning v23.08 Release Candidate 1 has been tagged and now it’s time to test new & experimental features before release like:

– Taproot address support for #CoreLightning developed by @theinstagibbs;
– Introduction of Renepay developed by Eduardo Quintana & @renepickhardt;
– Splice funds in or out of a live channel – developed by @niftynei, & implemented by @dusty_daemon.””We’re especially interested in your experiences with the new experimental features: experimental-anchors, experimental-splicing and renepay.”“Make sure you file an issue via if you hit one!””We’ll make numerous posts about the features as we get closer to a final release, but you can read the gory details directly from the firehose:”

lightning/ at master · ElementsProject/lightning
Core Lightning — Lightning Network implementation focusing on spec compliance and performance – ElementsProject/lightning

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