Coinselect v1.1.0: TypeScript Library for Bitcoin Transaction Management

“Just released bitcoinerlab/coinselect, a TypeScript library for Bitcoin Tx management. It leverages Descriptors for optimal UTXO selection & Tx size calculations, including precise witness sizes, even when multiple spending paths exist,” announced José Luis Landabaso of BitcoinerLab.For an introduction to Bitcoin descriptors, please refer to @bitcoinerlab/descriptors if you’re unfamiliar with them.For detailed API documentation, visit


Utilizes Bitcoin Descriptor notation for expressing UTXOs and targets.Accurately calculates witness sizes in UTXOs for miniscript-based descriptors, even when multiple spending paths exist. Users can select the specific spending path for determining the witness size using the method outlined in @bitcoinerlab/descriptors. A detailed example is available in the Miniscript section below.Prevents the creation of outputs below the dust threshold, which Bitcoin nodes typically do not relay.

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