CivKit Orage: LN Node with Focus on Availability, Modularity & Security

“Orage is not an attempt to create a new Lightning Network stack. Instead, it is a concerted effort to simplify the onboarding experience for users who are new to Bitcoin and Lightning.””The project is built on the Lightning Development Kit (LDK) and aims to provide the necessary tools, simplicity, and infrastructure to ease the integration of both individual users and enterprises into the ecosystem.””Orage, being constructed on the LDK, will offer in-built features such as custom scripts. These scripts will provide greater flexibility in the types of applications that can be built on the Lightning Network.””The ultimate goal is to encourage the development of more ‘Lightning-aware’ applications. The integration of custom scripts, escrow, Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs), and Taproot will collectively facilitate this ambition.””Get involved and learn more by checking out our GitHub repository: We welcome all contributions to this exciting project,” said Nicholas Gregory.DISCLAIMER: “The project is an experimental state. Do not use it for real-money.”

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