CivKit Node v0.0.2: Mainstay Integration, Database Support & More

“Happy to announce the release of Civikit V2, a significant upgrade that brings a host of new features and integrations to enhance your experience,” announced Nicholas Gregory.CivKit Node aims to enable a peer-to-peer electronic market system as described in the paper.Documentation on how to run a Civkit node and status of Lightning payment integration is available in doc/ and doc/

What’s new

Mainstay Integration: We’ve integrated, providing a more robust and seamless experience. This integration is set to enhance the platform’s reliability and efficiency.Credentials Framework with Bitcoin Core: Civikit V2 now works in tandem with Bitcoin Core for its credentials framework. Database Support: Understanding the need for robust data management, we have incorporated comprehensive database support. This addition is aimed at improving data handling and storage capabilities.Integration with Lightning Bolt 11: We’re excited to bring you integration with Lightning Bolt 11, enhancing transaction capabilities and ensuring faster, more efficient operations.

Release notes

Integration of the first version of staking credentials in civkitd’s CredentialGateway and Civkit sample (civkit-sample)Experimental integration of Mainstay in the Civkit architectureExperimental Civkit services API (src/proto/civkitservice.proto) to design modular and task-dedicated daemon leveraging Civkit node relay capabilitiesAddition of Civkit sample command to live trade over the Civkit node (sendmarkertorder) with both BOLT11 / BOLT12 supportIntegration with Bitcoin Core to validate credentials proofsAddition of DB support with SQLite to store Nostr events published by Civkit sample clientsDynamic protection of scarce Civkit Node resources (NoteProcessor::pending_write_db) by delaying DB write until credentials validationExperimental addition of Civkit services (CredentialGateway::hosted_services) default announcement at destination of connected ClientsEnhanced support of Civkit Node configuration and deployment (example-config.toml)

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