Citadel v0.3.1 and New Installation Tool Released

“Today, we’re launching a few new things,” announced Citadel on X.

“First, a new Nirvati website: The new website hopefully represents our project better and shows our long-term vision for the project.””Second, a new installation tool for Citadel. The goal is to make flashing Citadel, setting up WiFi and more as easy as possible.””Third, a new (still unfinished) Citadel website with new hardware recommendations for the Raspberry Pi 5. We’re also now recommending the @PineberryPi hardware for ideal NVME performance and reliability.””And finally, Citadel 0.3.1. This is the first LTS release (0.3.0 had to be skipped because I broke some stuff). It fixes another large amount of bugs. More bug fixes are coming in the 0.3.x series, and new feature development will happen in Nirvati, which will be Citadel 0.4.0.”

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Nirvati Website

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