Citadel v0.2.9 & v0.3.0 LTS Released

“We are introducing Citadel 0.2.9, which is the last milestone before 0.3.0.””I started Citadel over two years ago after leaving Umbrel. The goal was to build an easy-to-use, FOSS Bitcoin node management software with Lightning capabilities,” wrote the project’s developer Aaron Dewes.”Over the past 2 years, I failed at that. The user experience has been terrible for many users, and there have been many bugs. I am slow to respond to support questions.””Over the past few weeks, I have not responded to a lot of queries, but I have been building a new release. A release that fixes 99% of the issues people had. There will still be bugs, but a lot fewer of them, and nearly none that I know of.””This release is Citadel 0.3.0, which also marks the last “major” update for Citadel. Once this is out, development will focus on Nirvati, which is a completely new way of server management. Citadel 0.4.0 will use Nirvati as its underlying base platform.”

Changes in Citadel 0.2.6-0.2.8

In these releases, we’ve done a lot of changes:

Tons of bug fixesPort the frontend to Nuxt.js to improve loading performance & remove various bugsMove our code to GitLabUse more shared infrastructure with NirvatiRemove lots of unused legacy code

Changes in Citadel 0.2.9

This release implements various changes to improve the user experience further.Our LND app has been updated to LND 0.17.0 and the underlying API that powers the LND integration of our dashboard has received tons of bug fixes and performance improvements.We’ve also refactored our Alby integration for the next Alby release to work with this new API.Another new change is using Arti for outgoing anonymous requests. Arti is a reimplementation of Tor in Rust, and is faster and better than the original Tor. However, it’s features are limited right now, so it does not replace Tor yet.We’ve also cleaned up the implementation of our app system to remove some unused parts.In addition, this release introduces Raspberry Pi 5 compatibility for our OS.This release also features some new apps, packaged by Pranshu Agrawal.

Citadel v0.3.0 LTS

With Citadel 0.3.0 becoming an LTS release before Citadel 0.4.0 releases, and it receiving support even after that, Citadel will now longer receive new core features.After Citadel 0.4.0 will be released, the LTS release will stop receiving new apps, but will still get app updates & Bitcoin Core updates, as well as bug fixes for at least one year.

What’s coming in Citadel 0.4.0

Nirvati is a complete redesign of the original Citadel architecture. It will be available standalone or as part of Citadel, which enhances it with more Bitcoin features.Citadel 0.4.0 will preserve the same features and will have a similar user experience. However, a completely new app system and underlying container infrastructure allows us to implement various new features.The focus of Citadel as a tool built on top of Nirvati will be Bitcoin & Lightning UX, where we can improve a lot.

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