Citadel v0.2.6 and v0.2.7 Released: Bug Fixes and Updates

“We’ve just released Citadel v0.2.6 and v0.2.7 (0.2.7 is just a test of the update system).””We’ve mostly focused on bug fixes in this release, and made some UI improvements to make the user experience a lot better.””Work on @getnirvati is still ongoing and we hope to release that.””We’ll update the [website] image once we release 0.3.0, which will also happen soon (if this update goes well, next weekend).””Raspberry Pi 5 support is coming very soon (The firmware for the device has not yet been published, but we will add support shortly after launch).”Support Citadel on Geyser or join the project’s community on Telegram.

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