Cipherchat: Encrypted Messaging Over the Lightning Network

“Today I am excited to open source and launch a new bitcoin lightning network application to the world called Cipherchat!””The only requirement to use it is a browser. It can be installed on any device and will function with native features. A user simply needs to connect their node via a pairing phrase and they can start chatting privately in seconds.””All messages that are sent and received can only be read by the sender and the recipient and cannot be intercepted by anyone along the route. Please read the Privacy page for more detailed information.””A note on privacy: Just like the lightning network itself, Cipherchat can be used privately. But it’s important to understand that anytime you use the internet your IP address is exposed. So you should always take steps to protect that information and only reveal what you choose, to who you choose, when you choose to do it.””Users also have the option to self-host the entire tech stack. This is possible because everything is free and open source all the way down. For more information and to find answers to many questions there is a FAQ available and be sure to check out the Privacy page.”

How does it work?

“Users connect their lightning node to Cipherchat by using Lightning Node Connect (LNC) and entering a pairing phrase obtained through Lightning Terminal.””This creates an end-to-end encrypted connection between your node running anywhere in the world and the web app. It works by having a LNC Mailbox relay proxy server facilitate the communication.””The entire tech stack is open-source. Once connected, users use keysend payments attached with messages to communicate with eachother.”

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FAQ Page
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