Chainalysis Denounces Bitcoin Core Contributor Bryan Bishop as ‘Unqualified’ to Audit Its Code

“Chainalysis now argues that Bitcoin Core contributor Bryan Bishop, the expert witness produced by Sterlingov’s defense to audit Chainalysis’ source code, is “unqualified” for the job due to his lack of a computer science degree, stating that “he does not appear to be a reliable software engineer, let alone a reliable evaluator of software,” L0la L33tz reported for Bitcoin Magazine.”Chainalysis’ source code is requested by the defense in the case US vs. Sterlingov, an early Bitcoin adopter currently awaiting trial for the alleged operation of the custodial bitcoin mixer Bitcoin Fog, to reproduce the software’s findings in light of the lack of corroborating evidence.””Defendant and his experts may quarrel over those heuristics, but they will be explained, understandable, and verifiable without any access to source code,” Chainalysis claims.”The person Defendant proposes as his latest expert, Bryan Bishop, is no expert at all but rather an unqualified, biased, and apparently extreme “biohacker” whose current projects appear to involve genetic experiments rather than computer science projects,” was stated in the court document.Chainalysis also argues that “Mr. Bishop has a massive incentive to abuse his access to Chainalysis in order to attempt to figure out why he could not in his previous efforts develop software to effectively mitigate money laundering and terrorism financing risks—what stopped his prior [Custodia] bank from getting a license to operate by the Federal Reserve.”

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