CathedraOS: Bitcoin Mining Firmware by Cathedra Bitcoin

“Over the last year, Cathedra has pioneered the use of aftermarket firmware for its bitcoin mining machines to improve fleet efficiency and maximize operating cash flow. In that time, the Cathedra team has experimented with the various products across the industry and has developed extensive expertise.””Today, Cathedra makes this expertise available to the public in our own aftermarket firmware product, CathedraOS, which can be downloaded for free on our website at by all bitcoin miners who agree to the terms of our End User Agreement.””Cathedra will receive a share of the hash rate produced by each end user of the Firmware as a developer fee, resulting in capex- and opex-free hash rate expansion for the Company.”“We are proud of the optimizations we have made to increase Cathedra’s fleet performance and are excited to now open our playbook to new partners,” remarked Isaac Fithian, Chief Field Operations and Manufacturing Officer (CFOMO) of Cathedra.

Press Release

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