Cashu v1 Protocol Specs Have Been Merged

“Proudly presenting: The Cashu Protocol v1 specs!””One year after the inception of Cashu, we finally introduce the first version of the protocol. This is a major evolution! We dubbed it “The Great Cleanup” and it’s already being implemented in different Cashu projects.””Among countless other improvements, we introduce a new concept: Quotes!”Quotes allow mint operations with different payment methods (Lightning, on-chain, …) and Ecash units (sats, msats, usd, …). This brings incredible flexibility for building Ecash systems.””We also transition from base64 keyset IDs to hexadecimal IDs with a version flag. This allows much easier upgrades of the keyset ID in the future.””Read more about Cashu and check out Cashu projects like Wallets and mints at””If you are a developer, make sure to check out the many Cashu libraries on our documentation page at””Thank you for your work on this PR @ngutech21 @thunderB__ @thesimplekid and all afficionados @gandlaf21 @kadrigron @uxerik_ @MinibitsCash and many more.””If anyone feels interested in Cashu development or Chaumian Ecash in general, join our R&D Telegram,” wrote @callebtc.

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