Cashu Nutshell v0.14.1: Stateless Mint

What’s new

Stateless Mint: Nutshell mint can now be run “stateless” meaning that all state is in the database. This is a step towards being able to run multiple mints workers in parallel for heavy load scenarios.Max balance for mints: a new MINT_MAX_BALANCE environment flag makes sure that the mint can only hold a maximum amount.CLI: Create an invoice without blocking with cashu invoice <amount> -n

What’s changed

Mint: Add LndRest and regtest tests by @callebtc in #359Add CoreLightningRestWallet by @callebtc in #362Upadte to c-lightning-REST v0.10.5 by @callebtc in #364Fix: Cast keyset keys (amount) to int by @callebtc in #368Mint: add max balance setting by @callebtc in #369index on db and read spent proofs from db by @callebtc in #370docker mint listen on by @callebtc in #371add test private key by @callebtc in #372Test/mint_add_verification_balance by @callebtc in #373Mint: invalidate and generate promises in single db transaction for split by @callebtc in #374mint: fix postgres migrations by @callebtc in #375Wallet/fix_nostr_timeout by @callebtc in #376Mint/verify_outputs_not_already_signed by @callebtc in #377Mint: verify outputs first during mint by @callebtc in #379fix missing dleq proof in db by @callebtc in #380

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