CalyxOS v5.0.1: Android 14 for Pixels 5 and Newer

“For Pixel 6a, testing was a week earlier, and Security express / beta were a day earlier than the above. We’re also working on supporting the Pixel 8, and porting Android 14 to the Pixel 4 / 4a after that.”

What’s new

CalyxOS 5.0.1October 2023 Security update (2023-10-06)Android 14

Known issues

Certain banking apps / website crash. Will be fixed in the next buildGoogle has changed how Work profile “Pausing” works. It’s more like “Pause apps” now, where only notifications aren’t shown, apps keep running. Will be changed to previous behavior.F-Droid will ask for unknown sources to install/update certain apps. Will be fixed in the next build.Lockscreen shortcuts are missingCustom status bar icons are missingCustom font selection is missingThere might be certain other minor issues, but for the most part it should be solid.

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