Bull Bitcoin Launches No KYC Bitcoin Purchases with Cash or Debit

“The fastest, most secure and cheapest no-KYC method to buy Bitcoin that Canada has ever seen. No ID, credit check or bank account is required to buy Bitcoin.””With a fee of 2% (collected by Bull Bitcoin) and a small flat fee collected by the payment processor at Canada Post, it makes Bull Bitcoin by far the cheapest way to buy no-KYC Bitcoin in Canada.””Go to any Canadian Post office. Ask the cashier to scan the QR code generated in the Bull Bitcoin app. Give him cash, or pay by debit card. The funds are automatically added to your Bull Bitcoin account within a few minutes.””Buy up to $999.99 worth of Bitcoin per transaction and we’ll instantly send a Bitcoin payment to your own self-custodial Bitcoin Wallet, on-chain or Lightning.””According to Canadian virtual currency regulations, Bitcoin exchanges like Bull Bitcoin need to perform KYC and keep records of transactions for all Bitcoin purchases valued at $1000 and above.”Cash Bitcoin purchases is the most requested feature by Bull Bitcoin users, company’s CEO Francis Pouliot wrote in a blog post.

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