Bull Bitcoin Kicks Off International Expansion in Costa Rica in Partnership with Bitcoin Jungle

“Bull Bitcoin is the first and only Bitcoin exchange in Costa Rica that lets users buy and sell Bitcoin using SINPE Movil, the country’s most primary fiat payment system.””It is estimated that over 90% of Costa Rican consumers use SINPE, a phone number-based payment network, which means that almost every Costa Rican now has access to a low-cost, secure and instant Bitcoin on-ramp and off-ramp.””For the first time ever, both Ticos (Costa Ricans) and foreigners can convert Colones to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Colones without needing complicated international bank transfers and expensive foreign currency conversion. Bull Bitcoin also allows conversion to and from bank accounts (IBAN) both in CRC and USD via regular bank transfers.”

Bull Bitcoin has solved this problem: to pay ANYONE in Costa Rica, simply enter their phone number and make a Lightning Network payment. We convert it to Colones and instantly send the payment to the recipient’s phone. No registration, sign-up, or any paperwork required. pic.twitter.com/Wl7HpZYJya

— FRANCIS ☣️ BULLBITCOIN.COM (@francispouliot_) September 12, 2023

“The Bull Bitcoin service is currently only available to users of the Bitcoin Jungle wallet.””Also important to mention: this feature is ONLY available via Lightning Network,” said Francis Pouliot, CEO of Bull Bitcoin.

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