BTCPay Server v1.7.2: Greenfield API Improvements, Theme Extensions, and Bug Fixes

New features

Greenfield: Add DescriptionHashOnly to Lightning invoice creation endpoint (#4411) @NicolasDorierGreenfield: Breaking change, DescriptionHash in the Lightning invoice creation endpoint has been removed (#4411) @NicolasDorierUI: Theme extensions (#4398) @dennisreimann

Bug fixes

Fix Output Descriptor parsing for WSH multisig case (#4402) @dennisreimannGreenfield: Fix lock user call return code and docs (#4377) @dennisreimannUI: Fix store selector transition (#4400) @dennisreimannPayButton: Fix CSP problems in Firefox (#4376) @dennisreimannFix bitbank and yadio rate providers (#4432) @NicolasDorierPlugins built with newer version of BTCPay couldn’t run on older version (#4441) @NicolasDorier


Adapt LN payouts to handle unknown status (#4382) @KukksUpgrade Bootstrap to v5.2.3; Design System improvements (#4380 #4409) @dennisreimannWallet import: Surface detailed error messages (#4392) @dennisreimannLocal file system storage as default (#4386) @dennisreimannRemove system plugins from the plugin list (#4429) @NicolasDorierAllow more then 20 accounts when using BTCPayServer.Vault (#4430) @dennisreimannAdd BTCTurk rate provider (#4433) @NicolasDorierRate provider: Use better default than Coingecko when creating a new store (#4416) @NicolasDorierAdd DefaultDescription to LNURL withdrawal request (#4434) @bolatovumarDisabled amount/currency update for payment request with active invoices (#4390) @bolatovumarAdd store logo to invoice receipt page (#4435) @bolatovumarAdd links to docs and API in the footer (#4431) @NicolasDorier


BTCPay Server will work on Core Lightning 22.11 outside of the Docker deploymentIf running Core Lightning 22.11 outside of the Docker deployment, you don’t need the plugin invoicewithdescriptionhash anymoreAdded support for running Core Lightning with allow-deprecated-apis=false

Github Release Notes

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