BTCPay Server v1.12.0: Improvements, PoS Enhancements & More

“With this release we upgrade to .NET 8, which also requires a current version of the Docker engine for docker deployments (>= 20.10.10). We will try to migrate outdated versions when upgrading BTCPay Server, but if you see these symptoms after updating, please upgrade Docker engine manually.””We changed a lot of things under the hood, making the Lightning integrations extendible by plugins and also preparing the migration of Altcoins to plugins. If you are using plugins, you will most likely find them disabled after this update, because new versions compatible with BTCPay Server v1.12 are required. Please see the “Manage Plugins” section once updated.””We are ending support for Postgresql 11 as it reached 5 years after its initial release. Read more about end-of-life (EOL) of postgresql. While Postgresql 11 should still work with BTCPay Server, we will not keep compatibility moving forward.”

What’s new


Webhooks: Support for Payment Requests, Payouts and extendibility by plugins (#5421@KukksSupport BIP129 Multisig wallet import (#5389@KukksPOS Keypad: Add plus and change clear functionality (#5396@dennisreimann @dstruktForms: Support adjusting invoice amount by multiplier, enables percentage-based discount codes (#5463@KukksCan pair or reset a Boltcard to a pull payment (#5419@NicolasDorierPlugins: Allow scheduling installs/updates of future plugins (#5537@Kukks

Bug fixes

Webhooks: Re-add OverPaid property to WebhookInvoiceSettledEvent (#5538 #5496@dennisreimannApps: Filter list lookups by available app types (#5482@dennisreimannWallet: Use application/jsonl as MIME type for BIP329 label export (#5489@dennisreimannWallet: Fill label from BIP21 (#5428@dennisreimannGreenfield: LNURLPay store payment method fixes (#5446@dennisreimannGreenfield: Fix invoice refund permission (#5558@KukksDo not activate Blazor in Wizard screens (#5435@NicolasDorierPull Payment: Display the amount of claims (#5427@NicolasDorierDashboard: LND limbo balance had the wrong unit (a 1 BTC limbo balance would show as 0.001 BTC) @NicolasDorierFix occasional concurrency issue which would result in app settings change not being properly saved (#5565@NicolasDorier


Upgrade to .NET 8.0 (#5479@NicolasDorierEnhance fine grain permissions (#5502@KukksCheckout: NFC improvements (#5509@dennisreimannCheckout: Receipt improvements (#5505@rockstardev @dennisreimannPayment Request: Improve public view (#5413@dennisreimann @dstruktPOS Keypad: List recent transactions (#5478@dennisreimann @dstruktPOS Cart: Add options for search and categories display (#5438@dennisreimannPOS Cart: Horizontal scrollable filters (#5391@dennisreimannPOS and Crowdfund: Item editor improvements (#5418 #5449@dennisreimannReporting: UI improvements (#5432@dennisreimann @dstruktWallet: Use fee estimation (#5490 #5556@Kukks @NicolasDorierWallet: Update Passport instructions for import (#5423@sethforprivacyPlugins: Send notification when a new plugin version is available (#5450@KukksPlugins: Improve crash detection on startup and hint at disabled plugins (#5514@dennisreimannPlugins: Add disclaimer (#5552@dennisreimannServer Policies: Add warnings for certain options (#5554@dennisreimannGreenfield: Remove unused checkout type setting from POS (#5512@dennisreimannGreenfield: Make checkout type V2 default for new stores (#5495@dennisreimannDomain mapping: Redirect root app to canonical URL (#5471@dennisreimannLightning: Make implementations extendible by plugins (#5422@KukksLightning: Upgrade LND to 0.17.2-beta @rockstardevStore Branding: Use store logo as favicon (#5519@dennisreimannRate Providers: Remove Bittrex (#5553@KukksUI: Unify list views (#5399@dennisreimann @dstruktUI: Unify public page styles (#5460 #5462 #5466@dennisreimann @dstruktUI: Add system option for theme switch (#5473@dennisreimannUI: Pull payment improvements (#5453@dennisreimannUI: Switch pos data to metadata in invoice create view (#5412@KukksUI: Improve invoice’s webhooks table (#5545@NicolasDorierUI: Remove forced center alignment for POS description (#5555@dennisreimann

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