BTCPay Server v1.11.7: Bug Fixes & Improvements

“Minor bug fixes and improvements! Update at your leisure!”

What’s new

Pull Payment: Add QR scanner for destination and infer payment method (#5358@dennisreimannGreenfield: Allow deleting user by email (#5372@KukksGreenfield: Add missing checkout (V2) settings (#5406#5403@dennisreimann

Bug fixes

The payments report wasn’t properly accounting for Liquid assets and some altcoins (#5388 #5371@KukksSwitching currencies in the checkout page may have inversed Amount Due and Recommended Fee (#5390@dennisreimannReporting now properly formats decimals (#5363@dennisreimannAPI docs: Fix several errors and warnings (#5380@ai-oleynikovFix Poloniex and Ripio rate provider (#5365@KukksRemoved unused Argoneum and rate provider (#5365@KukksFix: If a store was accepting USDt, invoices wouldn’t be processed properly. @KukksEmail rules, Recipients required even if “send mail to buyer” (#5345 #5357@dennisreimannFix: BTCPayServer.HostedServices.BitpayIPNSender fail to send notifications on some locale (Fix #5361@AdilElFarissi


Invoice: Improve payment details page (#5362@dennisreimannCrowdfund: Improve no perks case (#5378 #5376@dennisreimannSwitched recommended exchanges for COP and UGX to yadio @KukksForms: Make zip code a required field in predefined address form (#5405@dennisreimannAdjust swagger doc to latest change in Greenfield API @ndeet

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