BTCPay Server v1.11.3: Brush Ups and Minor Fixes

“A few brush up and minor bug fixes, before we start working on the next major!”

What’s changed

Fix LNDHub connection strings parsing @KukksPaying through LNDHub with an explicit amount wouldn’t send the right amount @KukksThe Open with wallet deep link in the checkout page wasn’t working properly on some browsers. @dennisreimannPOS: Fix alignment of items in static view (#5271) @dennisreimannOnly show LNAddress section if the user has the permission @KukksFix crash on /wallets/transactions with non zero skip parameter (#5183) @NicolasDorierDo not block payments on LN while syncing if it is not internal node (#5269) @KukksFix LN payout manual payments UI crashing when payouts are not tied to pull payment @KukksIf the PoSData property is a stringified JSON, presents it nicely in invoice details (#5275) @dennisreimannPOS: Unify item display in editor (#5266 #5272) @dennisreimannremove store ID from view request url (#5256) @dstrukt

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