BTCPay Server Case Study: Coincards

“Since integrating BTCPay Server, Coincards has seen more than just cost savings; the move has led to a more streamlined operation overall. The actual reduction in transaction fees is just one piece of a larger puzzle. Behind the scenes, the team has been able to cut back on admin time and the headaches of payment reconciliation.””Coincards’ journey with BTCPay Server was also a path of learning and discovery. Initially, the team at Coincards thought accepting Bitcoin would be a logistical challenge, especially in reconciling transactions. But BTCPay Server turned this assumption upside down.””We found out pretty quickly that BTCPay Server is more than just codeā€”it’s a community. People from all over chime in with advice, share learning resources, and even roll up their sleeves to improve the software. It’s not a static thing; it’s a living, evolving ecosystem. This kind of support network doesn’t just make the tech better; it makes running a Bitcoin-focused business like ours a whole lot easier,” said Mike from Coincards.

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