Breez SDK Core v0.2.9 Released

What’s new

Publish python package: max_reverse_swap_amount to allow draining all channels when sending on-chain.Extend payment type filter to include ClosedChannels.Introduce prepare_sweep to estimate the sweep transaction fee.Introduce prepare_refund to estimate the refund transaction fee.Improve error handling and specifying error code in exceptions and errors.Include SwapInfo in Payment.Add payment hash to lnurl_pay.Auto-discovery for default LSP.

What’s changed

Extend payment type filter to include ClosedChannels type by @dleutenegger in #521Bump Greenlight dependency by @ok300 in #552Allow multiple logs listeners by @ademar111190 in #553Fee calculation and presentation by @ademar111190 in #294Bump example app to 0.2.7 by @dangeross in #554Implement prepare_refund() by @danielgranhao in #548Upgrade Flutter requirement to latest stable(3.13.8) by @erdemyerebasmaz in #549ignore .env and .envrc by @ubbabeck in #558Bump Greenlight dependency by @ok300 in #560Add Default trait, util constructor for Request args by @ok300 in #559Rerun RN codegen to generate functions to convert enum sequences by @dangeross in #567check git status of react native and flutter by @JssDWt in #566CI: run flutter analysis by @JssDWt in #568Error codes by @dangeross in #469rename PaymentTypeFilter ClosedChannels enum to ClosedChannel by @ubbabeck in #573improve error on empty string invoice by @JssDWt in #576Add model docs: time fields are epoch time in seconds by @ok300 in #578Fix breez-sdk-flutter files on name changes by @JssDWt in #577fix flutter bridge by @JssDWt in #581throw on error in C# tests by @JssDWt in #580Make CI callable from remote repo by @JssDWt in #579Update prepare_refund to return a SdkResult by @dangeross in #582Update deplay before triggering jitpack build by @cnixbtc in #415Bump ecies dependency by @ok300 in #587Migrate remaining pb:: dependencies to cln::* by @ok300 in #585Add payment hash to lnurl_pay() return type by @dleutenegger in #550Schedule signer if GL::connect() has seed and creds by @ok300 in #596Fallback to a listed LSP if the default is not available by @dangeross in #592Send onchain the largest amount possible by @roeierez in #466Include SwapInfo in Payment resulting from swap by @danielgranhao in #555

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