Breez SDK Core v0.2.7 Released

What’s new

Add Getinfo commandSupport paging in list payments – Thank you @dleuteneggerAdd optional claim_txid and lock_txid to ReverseSwapInfoAdd closing_txid to closed channels received in payments listUse millisatoshi instead of satoshi for lightning amounts.Improve sync and sending payments performanceFix uniffi-kotlin-multiplatform package

Breaking changes

Parameters and return type of the following API’s now use their respective Request/Response objectssend_onchain, refund, send_payment, send_spontaneous_payment, lnurl_pay, lnurl_withdrawUse req shorthand for request params across all bindings.Rename req_data of lnurl_pay & lnurl_withdraw to data as it now belongs to their respective Request objectReceivePaymentRequest now use amount_msat instead of amount_satSendPaymentRequest now use amount_msat instead of amount_satSendSpontaneousPaymentRequest now use amount_msat instead of amount_sat

New Contributors

@danielgranhao made their first contribution in #534

Full Changelog0.2.5…0.2.7

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