Breez SDK Core v0.2.5: Zero Fee Anchor Channels Support

What’s new

Auto generated React Native bundle – zero fee anchor channelsAdd api for retrieving static backup – and implement the option to include failed payments in list_payments query.Add lnurl withdraw information on the related lightning payment.Expose txid in sweep response.Expose exemptfee in config

Breaking changes

The React Native generator is a huge advantage for us which allows us to deliver changes a lot more frequently.We do have some minor changes in the way parameters are passed to the sdk methods but migration should be straight forward.No functionality has been removed.

What’s Changed

ci: fix flutter jniLibs location by @JssDWt in #430ci: fix the flutter jniLibs location by @JssDWt in #431Fix flutter release by @JssDWt in #432ci: add pre-setup for easier testing by @JssDWt in #434Fix clippy warning regarding workspace versions by @ok300 in #420Expose exemptfee in the SDK Config struct by @ok300 in #440Anchor signer by @roeierez in #444Add listpeerchannels dev command by @roeierez in #450Baseline RN code generation by @dangeross in #445Generate React Native code by @dangeross in #429Expose exemptfee to sdk-flutter by @ubbabeck in #451Update CLI readme and connect params by @dangeross in #453Add a guide to running the RN codegen by @dangeross in #454Check if send_payment invoice is already paid by @dangeross in #452Migrate from using pb::Channel to the CLN equivalent by @ok300 in #455Expose static backup data by @roeierez in #448Ensure signer starts before any request to the node by @roeierez in #461Add optional logging of reqwest raw payloads by @ok300 in #396Add convenience tasks to check fmt and clippy by @dangeross in #464Use the channel close tx blocktime as fallback close ts by @ok300 in #449Bump mockito dependency by @ok300 in #442Persist failed payments by @dangeross in #463Fix disconnect() mapping in by @ok300 in #441Bump GL client to include fix for signer panic by @ok300 in #468Add open_channel_fee API to Dart Bindings by @erdemyerebasmaz in #472Use ListPaymentsRequests on sdk-flutter by @erdemyerebasmaz in #473CLI: fix interactive prompt by @ok300 in #474Fix SDK panic caused by closing channels by @ok300 in #477Return invoice on successful lnurl-withdraw by @ok300 in #436run max one pr ci at a time by @JssDWt in #483workaround for x86_64-android by @JssDWt in #479Use flutter sdk-bindings by @JssDWt in #480Expose txid in sweep bindings by @dleutenegger in #478Logging: allow modules to log on trace by @ok300 in #475Lsps0 implementation by @JssDWt in #470Simple lsps2 client by @JssDWt in #482update flutter readme by @JssDWt in #491Properly handle new column for sync table by @ok300 in #489fix flacky tests by @Torakushi in #486Fix rev swap state transitions by @ok300 in #496Cln API by @roeierez in #494Fix rev swap edge case caused by claim tx delays by @ok300 in #493Persist channel closed_at after lookup by @ok300 in #498Bump Greenlight dependency by @ok300 in #500Apply #463 & #478 changes to sdk-flutter by @erdemyerebasmaz in #499Consider only completed payments when by @roeierez in #501Refresh payments list after sendOnchain completes by @erdemyerebasmaz in #503Call sync after reverse swap successfully created by @ok300 in #502

New Contributors

@dleutenegger made their first contribution in #478@Torakushi made their first contribution in #486

Full Changelog: 0.2.3…0.2.5

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