Breez SDK Core v0.2.3: Dynamic Fee Selection According to LSP & More

Watch the following webinar to learn how to integrate Lightning payments into any app with just few lines of code using Breez SDK.

Features & Bug fixes

Dynamic fee selection according to the LSP specification – npm package for Reacts Native: flutter package: send_onchain to use private routing hintsAdded optional parameters passed to receive_paymentSupport Kotlin Multiplatform – thank you @angelix!Support sign_message/check_messageAdded a simple API to get channel opening fees for a specific amountBug fixes

Breaking changes

All functionality is preserved but some of the API methods were changed slightly in favor of better maintenance.

receive_payment now receives an argument of type ReceivePaymentRequestreceive_onchain now receives an argument of type ReceiveOnchainRequestbut_bitcoin now receives an argument of type ButBitcoinRequest

New Contributors

@angelix made their first contribution in #322

Full Changelog: 0.1.4…0.2.3

GitHub Repo

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