Braiins OS+ v23.10: Remote Installation & New Miner Models

“We are thrilled to announce that Braiin OS+ can now be installed remotely without an SD card.””We are also releasing support for two new Antminer models!”

What’s new

“Braiins OS+ can now be installed remotely on all supported Antminer S19 series devices with BBB and Amlogic control boards, covering the majority of devices released in the past two years.”

New Supported Antminer Models:

S19j Pro+S19k Pro*

*Please note that support for the S19k Pro is in beta. As a result, miner performance when downclocking may not be optimal. This will be improved in a future Braiins OS+ release.

Notable Improvements and Features:

Improved detection of apw121215g power supply unitMining uptime metric is exposed in the public grpc APIMinerModel enum has been removed from the public grpc APIBug that resulted in a slow response from the public grpc API has been squashed.

Braiins Toolbox v23.10.1

Braiins Toolbox is also getting a minor but important update with the following features and upgrades:

Braiins OS+ Installation Supported for New Antminer Models: S19j Pro+ & S19k Pro. The bug that was causing the uninstall command to not work in some instances has been squashed.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to join our Braiins OS+ support group on Telegram or submit a ticket via our website.

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