Boltz Web App: Liquid, Bitcoin and Lightning Under One Roof

“We are thrilled to finally ship our all-new web app, bringing together Liquid & Bitcoin mainchain swaps under one roof, enabling swaps to taproot addresses & more.””Designed for the future, it’s highly extensible and utilizes modern web frameworks like SolidJS.””It also leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic libraries such as secp256k1-zkp which is integrated via WebAssembly and runs directly in your browser.”

Key features

United Liquid & mainchain swaps: one web app to swap them all.Increased Liquid swap limits: Now up to 0.1 BTC.Swap to Taproot addresses: now supporting bech32m.Enhanced privacy: Liquid swaps available via onion domain.App Store censorship resistance: install as Progressive Web App.Exact on-chain amounts: swap to pay with precision down to the satoshi.

What’s next

Dedicated “Liquidity” Tab: Obtain a specific amount of inbound or outbound liquidity via our web app, along with numerous other features and subtle improvements. Taproot Native Swaps: Enhancing privacy and significantly reducing on-chain footprint, particularly for mainchain swaps.Taproot-based L-BTC/BTC chain-to-chain swaps.

Here’s also a quick tutorial on how to install Boltz App as PWA on mobile.

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