Boltz Backend v3.3.0 & Web App v1.1.2 Released

The latest Boltz updates include:

CLN and hold invoice integration into backend;Increased swap limits to 0.25 BTC across all pairs;Reduced Liquid minimal swap amount to 1k sats.Upgraded LND to v0.17.0 with smooth balancing and failover between LND & CLN;Lightning payment reliability improvements to various wallets, especially Phoenix/ACINQ;Increased invoice expiry to give users more time for swap completion;Backend integration in monitoring suite (Grafana, Promotheus, Loki);Preparation for RSK Swaps.

Pro tip for everyone who have to rebalance your lightning channels rn. Use @Boltzhq and @Liquid_BTC

— Oliver Koblížek ⚡ (@Stromens) November 7, 2023

What’s new in Backend v3.3.0


Increase routing offset based on amount (#372)GRPC command to unblind outputs of a transaction (#373)CLN hld invoice pluginCLN SCB backup pluginMPP support for CLN hold invoice pluginGRPC for hold invoice pluginImprove hold gRPC error handlingTrack hold invoice state via gRPCHold gRPC steam to track all invoicesRouting hints in hold invoice plugin (#375)CLN integration in backendSave creation date of hold invoicesGRPC SSL for hold invoice pluginSupport for multiple wallets/nodes in gRPCUpload SCB backup on plugin startupSwitch between LND and CLN based on referral (#379)GetRoute in hold plugin for specifying max CLTVApply CLTV exceptions to routing hintsQuery swapinfo by more columns (#399)Fallback for timeouts when creating invoices (#398)Separate notification channel for alerts (#400)Use satcomma to format notification amounts (#403)Max unused wallet balance alert (#405)Forbid swaps to our own lightning nodesLoki transport for logger (#410)Race all locking lightning client callsLog and send notification for client status changesPrometheus metricsRSK integrationConfigurable expiry of reverse swap invoices (#422)Save hold HTLC information in datastoreQuery listholdinvoices by invoicePrevent invoice overpayment in hold pluginThrow error when creating invoices with hash length != 32

Bug Fixes

Custom integration test runner for CIHigher invoice CLTV offset for Reverse SwapsConnect nodes for hold invoice testSkipped hold invoice plugin testsToo short CLTV expiry hold plugin testPython plugin integration tests on CICLN to LND short channel id conversionVarious CLN bugs (#378)CLN pay status gRPCDuplicate CLN pay callsStartup without LNDRoute querying for CLNNested arrays in routing hints endpointUse correct lightning node to query route CLTV estimationsCheck for paid invoices in paystatusCheck for temporary errors before pendingImprove detection of pending CLN paymentsFilter configs with no min wallet balance for notificationsReconnect to CLN subscription error on intervalRetry SQLITE_BUSY errorDetect open invoice with only cancelled HTLCsMinor prometheus metric typoPayment error handling (#417)Handling of pending HTLCs for expired invoices (#419)Minor adjustments for RSK compatibilityCI Docker build workflowCommit version in Docker image buildDefault metrics to 0Logging of InjectedProvider

For a complete list of changes and updates see:

Boltz Web App v1.1.2 updates

Boltz Web app had a couple of minor updates focusing on bug fixes and miscellaneous tasks.

Invoice validation (#282)Check fee amount instead of pair hash (#283)


Change calculated send/receive amount on fee update (#285)Save selected send/receive asset in localstorage (#288)

Miscellaneous Tasks

V1.1.1 changelogTrivial dependency updatesRemove unused i18n checkUpdate i18nDecimals handling for 0.000 (#287)Release v1.1.2 preparation


Remove usages of deprecated createStorageSignalSwitch to @bitcoinerlab/secp256k1Only claim from inside swapchecker (#284)

Announcement / Archive
GitHub Repo (Backend)
GitHub Repo (Web App)

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